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Hyaluronic Acid by Eternal Spirit Beauty

$ 65 $ 750


Hyaluronic Acid by Eternal Spirit Beauty is the best skin care products on the market for the treatment for aging skin and wrinkles.

This Hyaluronic Acid by Eternal has natural and organic ingredients that improves the texture and shine of your skin with its intense hydration. The acid in this product acts as a sponge to retain water on the skin, giving it volume and visually reducing wrinkles. It also reduces expression lines by revitalizing the upper layers of your skin with proven affects that are long lasting.

  • Moisturizing- Facilitates the attraction and retention of the water in the two layers of the skin epidermis and dermis.
  • Plumper - Fills in all those expression lines and wrinkles from deep within the skin.
  • Firming- Restores and maintains skin firmness as it stimulates collagen production .
  • Smoothness- Leaves the skin smoother, softer and more hydrated
  • -Dermatologically Tested
  • -Dermatologist Approved
  • -Clinically Tested
  • -Toxin Free
  • -Vegan
  • -Sulfate Free
  • -Paraben Free
  • -100% Pure

Size: 1 Fl oz/ 30mL

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